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survival manual 

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in 2013 

ABSENCE-Some departments have policies regarding 
the number of class absences which will be permitted. 
In the absence of such a department policy, attendance 
requirements are set by the instructors. If you 
anticipate a lengthy absence, notify your instructors. 
Faculty absences are posted daily in Thompson Hall, the 
Sanders Building, and the Campus Center Information 


ACADEMIC DEAN-The office is located in the Condlke 
Building, room 231. 

ACADEMIC FAILURE-Ist semester.not applicable-2/i(/ 
semester.below 1.50-3rd semester.below 1.50-Jr/i 
semester, below 1.75-5th semester, below l.7S-6th 
semester, below 2.0-7th semester, below 2.0-stli semt 
below 2.0. Check with the ! B Office and the 

Office of the Undergraduate Dean for further 

ACADEMIC RECORDS-Records may be obtained 
through the Registrar's Office. Also see Transcripts 

ACCIDENTS-A11 accidents should be reported to the 
Dean of Students' Office. Campus Police, or the Health 


ADDING COURSES-Courses may be added up until tin- 
end of the second week of the semester with the consent 
of the instructor. Cheek with the Registrar's Office for 
further information. 

ADDRESS CHANGES-A1I Changes Should he report. 
the Regis' 

ADELPHIANS-A local sorority see Din faJ 


ADMINISTRATION building -Sanders Administration 

Building (see map), known as Sand- 

ADMISSIONS OFFICE-Locatod in Sunders, lower I- 

ADVANCED PLACEMENT-Information may be obtained 
through the Career Planning and Placement Office. See 
also CLEP. 

ADVISING-See Counseling. 

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION-Fitchburg State College 
maintains its policy of nondiscrimination and 
affirmative action in fulfillment of the requirements of 
Executive Order 11246 and 11375. Titles IV. VI. VII. IX. 
and X of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended in 1972 
and other applicable state and federal statutes. Any 
questions Concerning Affirmative Action may be 
directed to the Director of Personnel, Dr. Thomas Co.- 
whose office is located in Sanders. 

A. I. D. (Alternatives for Individual Development)- A 

program for educationally intaged student 

Office ted in Miller Hall. 


allowed 111 public buildings or areas Sec Alcoholic 
Beverage Policy in the Handbook of Rules and 

ALL COLLEGE COUNCIL - The council is the tripart 
governance structure ol the collegi 
comprised of 5 student ty, and 5 admlni I 

Elections tor held in the spring 

(heck with the "ice for more information 

ALLBRG1 ' idents n, the 

Health k with the Health for 


,\i rn \ riii (imi (, \ 

ALUMNI NEWSLETTER- the ni is publi 

once a quart) 

ALUMNI Of I K I The off,, . 


AMBULANCE - Montaohusett Ambulance Service Inc.. 
343-6401 Also, you can contact the Campus Police or 
.my residence hall desk 

APARTMENTS-Listings may be found in the Dean of 
Students Office, the Student Government Association 
Office, and the Housing Office. Also, check bulletin 
boards at various locations around the campus. 

ARMENIAN CLUB-See Clubs Directory. 

ART DEPARTMENT-There is at present no art major, 
but the art department can be found on the 3rd floor of 
the Conlon Building. 

ART GALLERY-Second floor of Campus Center. 
Features exhibits which change frequently (see Campus 
Center Calendar). Also, the Fitchburg Art Museum on 

Main St. features exhibits of noted artists. 

AUBUCHON HALL - Women's residence hall located at 

the corner of North and Pearl Streets. It houses 365 


AUDIO VISUAL CENTER-Equipment can be found in 

both the 3rd floor of the library and the 3rd floor of 

Conlon Fine Arts Building. 

AUDITING COURSES-Check with the Registrar's Office 
or the Undergraduate Dean's Office. 

ATHLETIC COUNCIL-The Council is comprised of 
students, faculty, and adminstrators. Students interested 
in sitting on the Athletic Council should check with the 

ATHLETIC OFFICE-Located in Parkinson Gymnasium. 

BAND-See Clubs Directory. 

BANKS-See Directory of Banks. 

BASEBALL-For information contact the Athletic 
Director, located in Parkinson Gym. 

BASKETBALL-For information contact the Athletic 
Director, located in Parkinson Gym. 

BASKETBALL COURTS-Courts are available for student 
use at the F.S.C. Athletic Field on the other side of John 
Fitch Hwy. Courts are also available in the gym on a 
limited basis. Check with the Athletic Director. 

BEER-Beer is available on campus in the Campus Pub. 
There ar»: also a. number of package stores and drinking 
.ishments in the area. 


can be found at entrances around the Campus Center and 
the lower level of the Sanders Building. Storage for 
residents is available in the residence halls they are 
living in. Check with the hall council to make sure. 

BILLS- All questions concerning your bill should be 
directed to the Business Office located in Sanders. 

BIOLOGY- Department offices located in the Condike 

Science Building. 

BIOLOGY CLUB (L.I.V.E.) - See Clubs Directory. 

BLOODMOBILE-Once a semester the Red Cross 
Bloodmobile is on campus. The blood drive is usually 
sponsored by the Nursing Student Association. Watch 
for details. 

BOARD OF TRUSTEES-The board is the governing body 
for the 10 state colleges. The central office is located in 

BOOKSTORE-Our present bookstore is College Stores 
Associates and it is located in the Campus Center. 

BOOK EXCHANGE-Alpha Phi Omega sponsors a used 
book exchange each semester. Watch for times and 

BULLETIN BOARDS-There are a number of student- 
maintained boards for student use with the approval of 
the Student Government Association. Check with the 
S.G.A. for specifics. 

BURSAR'S OFFICE-Located in the Sanders 
Administration Building. 

BUS STATION-Located on Main St., Fitchburg. Phone 
343-3064 for schedules. 

BUSINESS OFFICE-A11 matter concerning money, other 
than financial aid, should be directed to the business 
office located in Sanders. 

BIRTH CONTROL-For information concerning Birth 
Control, check with the Health Service. There are also a 
number of agencies in the Fitchburg area such as 
Planned Parenthood, the Montachusett Women's Center, 
and Burbank Hospital. 

BUCKLEY AMENDMENT-This federal law regulates 
access to your records by outsiders and specifies what 
information about you can be given out by the college. 
For more details, see the Handbook of Rules and 

CAFETERIAS - The commuters' cafeteria is located in 
the basement of the Campus Center. Breakfast and 
lunch are served there Monday through Friday. Diners 
pay when served. The residents' cafeteria is called the 
Holmes Dining Commons. This building straddles North 
Street. Any student may purchase a 5-day or 7-day meal 
plan for this cafeteria. 

CAMPUS CENTER - The Campus Center is located on 
the second, ground, and basement floors of the Hammond 
Building. It contains the student mail boxes, the 
bookstore, the games room, the Pub. the commuters' 
cafeteria, the craft room, the information desk, the 
gallery (on the 2nd floor), the T.V. lounge, the alumni 
office, the S.G.A. office, the Rhetoric office, the Saxifrage 
office, and several meeting rooms. Campus Center 
Hours: Monday - Friday. 7:30 AM - midnight; 
Saturday, Noon- midnight; Sunday. 2:00 Pm - midnight. 

CAMPUS CENTER CALENDAR-A calendar of events at 
the college is available weekly at the Information Desk 
in the main lobby of the Campus Cci 

CAMPUS INFORMATION- iti-' I nformation Desk is 
located in the main lobby of the Campus Center. This 
desk is staffed by a student during the hours that the 
Campus Center is open 

CAMPUS POLICE-The Campus Police Station is located 
on Pearl Street across from Aubuchon Hall There are 

to campus poiicepersons who can be seen frequently 
tiling the campus. 

CANCELLATIONS-If classes are to be cancelled due to 

ier conditions, it will be announced on r 
as WFOL, WKIM. WTAG. and WBZ (all AM, 

CARS-Parking stickers arc available for the cars of 
commuting students at the Campus Police Station 

Resident studi stain parking sti< , 

only if they an- Involved In student teaching 

nursing, fusion. Held -mission of 

the I )e,m of Btudei 

Career Planning and Placement Center is located in 
Bdgerly Hall Career information. CLEF and Otl 

• tig information, job listings, and employment files 
callable here. 

CATALOGUES- An F.S.C. catalogue may be obtained by 
inquiring at the Admissions Office. Catalogues 

ther schools are on file in the reference section of the 
librai \ Catalogues may also be obtained by writing to 
the Admissions Office of the particular college itself. 

CHANGE MACHINES-Change machines are located in 
the commuters' cafeteria or the games room of the 
Campus Center. 

CHANGE OF GRADE-To change a grade one must 
consult with the faculty member concerned and have 
that faculty member notify the Registrar's Office of the 
grade change. 


In order to have any information changed on your 
records, you must go to the Registrar's Office. 

CHAPLAINS-The two chaplains on campus are the staff 
of the Newman Center. Sister Katherine McKenna and 
Father James Houston. 

CHECK CASHING-With an F.S.C. student ID card, you 
can cash your checks at the campus bookstore. Watson's 
Market on Pearl St.. or at any Worcester County 
National Bank. 

CHEERLEADERS-F.S.C. Cheerleaders cheer at men's 
varsity hockey and basketball games. Tryouts are 
usually held in October. 

CHEMISTRY-The Chemistry department offices and 
laboratories are housed in the Condike Building. 

CHORAL ARTS-See Clubs Directory. 


CHURCHES-See Directory of Churches. 


A program whereby a student may receive college credit 
simply by taking equivalency tests in certain subject 
areas. CLEP information is available in the Career 
Planning and Placement Center. 

CLUBS-See Clubs Directory. 

COEDUCATIONAL HOUSING-At this time Fitchburg 
State College has 3 coeducational housing facilities; 
Russell Towers, Herlihy Hall, and the Apartment 

COFFEEHOUSE-The S.G.A. Programs Committee 
sponsors a coffeehouse program in the Pub area every 
Sunday night. Admission is free. A folksinger 
performs, and non-alcoholic beverages are served. 


Students sit on most committees that meet at F.S.C. The 
number of students and voting power varies from 
committee to committee. For further information contact 
the S.G.A. office. 

COMMUNICATIONS-The communications department is 
housed in the Conlon Building. 

COMMUTERS' BOARD-The Commuters' Board is a part 
of S.G.A. Any non-resident student is eligible to hold 
office on this board. Grievances concerning the interests 
of commuters should be brought to the attention of this 

COMPUTER CENTER-The Computer Center is located 
on the 3rd floor of the Hammond Building. The center 
contains 8 terminals. 

COMPUTER SCIENCE-The computer science 
department is housed in the Condike Building. 

I i 



//f % 

■0*> ''■ 



CONDIKE BUILDING-The Condike Building is on North 
Street across from Herlihy Hall. This building houses 
the Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, 
Environmental Science, and Physics Departments, and 
all science laboratories. The Academic Dean's Office 
and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies' Office are also 
found in this building. 

CONLON BUILDING-The Conlon Building is located on 
North St. next to Weston Auditorium and on Highland 
Ave. next to Sanders. This building houses the Art, 
Industrial Science, Industrial Arts. Communications, 
and Music Departments, and various studios, music 
rooms, and workshops. 

COUNSELING, ACADEMIC-Academic counseling is 
offered by each department through its advisors. Every 
student is assigned an advisor. If you don't know who 
your advisor is, inquire at the department office of your 
major or of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. 

COUNSELING, PERSONAL-On campus counseling 
services and/or referrals are offered by: 

-The head residents of residence halls. 

-Resident Advisors in the residence halls(peer 

-The Career Planning and Placement Center. 

-The Campus Health Service. 

COUNSELING, PERSONAL-O/Y-tampus counseling 
services include: 

-The Burbank Hospital Mental Health Clinic. 

-The LUK hotline and counseling service. 

CONTINUING EDUCATION-The Continuing Education 
office is located on the 1st floor of Thompson Hall 

COPY SERVICES-Mimeograph and photostat services 
are offered in the S.G.A. office. There are also several 
coin-operated Xerox machines scattered throughout the 

CRAFTS ROOM-The Crafts Room is located on the 
basement floor of the Campus Center. Crafts programs 
and supplies are available there, including courses in 
macrame. pottery, and jewelry making Sign-ups for 
crafts courses are held each semester in the Campus 

CREDENTIALS-Kvery student is urged to starl a 
placement folder in the Career Planning and Placement 

Center during their senior year This folder would 
include letters of recomme: i resume, and any 

other information that would be of interest to futll 

CROSS COUNTRY!' S.C. fields a mi 

country team in the fall There - I many CJ 

country running trails in the vicinity ol 


borrowed from the Games Room In the Campus Center 

The Fitchbui client areas for ci 

i it rv skiing. 

Clubs Directory 

CUMULATIVE AVERAGE - T<> compute your 
cumulative average, multiply the number of credits by 
the course grade for each course taken, add the results, 
and divide the sum by the total number of cr 
attempted. Your cumulative aver. me la Ind 
your grade report (marks) for each senv 

DEAN OF STUDENTS-The Dean of Students is William 
Donohue. The Associate Dean of Students is A. Jane 
Rogers. The Dean of Students' office is located in the 
Sanders Building, and is concerned with all aspects of 
student life at F.S.C. 

DEAN'S LIST-Any full-time student who attains a 3.2 or 
better semester grade point average is eligible for the 
Dean's List. 

DEBATE TEAM(FORENSICS)-F.S.C. fields a varsity 
debate team. See Clubs Directory. 

DISABLED STUDENTS-F.S.C. welcomes disabled 
students. The residence halls offer accommodations for 
disabled students, and many of the newer classroom 
buildings provide facilities for disabled students. 

DISCIPLINE-Student discipline cases are heard by the 
College Judicial Board or by the Administration, 
according to the defendent's preference. Within the 
residence halls, discipline cases are heard by a judicial 
board in each residence hall. 

DISCRIMINATION-See Affirmative Action. 

DISMISSAL, ACADEMIC - A student may be dismissed 
from the college for disciplinary matters, or if a 
student's cumulative falls below a certain level. These 
levels are as follows: 

Completed Semester 

Dismissal Level 


not applicable 


below 1.50 

below 1.50 


below 1.75 


below 1.75 


below 2.00 


below 2.00 


below 2.00 

DISMISSAL. CLASS — A professor solely has the right 
a a class. 

DOCTOR — Dr. Paul Cochrane may be found daily in the 
Health Service. Appointments must be made in advance. 

DORMITORIES — See Residence Halls. 

DROP-ADD SLIPS — If, in the beginning of a semester, 
a student is displeased with his/her schedule, s/he may 
obtain a drop-add slip from the Registrar's office. The 
drop-add slip must contain the name of the course that is 
being dropped, the signature of the instructor of the 
course, and the signature of the student's academic 

DRUGS — In accordance with state and federal laws, 
possession and/or use of illegal drugs is a serious 
offense at F.S.C. and may result in dismissal from the 
college and prosecution by local authorities. 

DRUG CRISIS CENTER — The LUK crisis center in 
Fitchburg specializes in helping people cope with drug- 
related problems, Phone 345-7353. 

EARLY CHILDHOOD CLUB - See Clubs Directory. 

located at the McKay Campus School. 


curriculum track for teachers of young children with 
special needs has been developed. Consult with either 
the Special Education or Early Childhood Education 

EDGERLY HALL - Formerly the city of Fitchburg's 
Junior High School. Now the Geography Department. 
Career Planning and Placement Service, and classroom 
facilities are located there along with the ROTC 

Freshman elections are held in the fall, other elections 
are held in the spring. See S.G.A. (or further detail 

Fitchburg State College studii Iglble to vote In 

local elections if they are 18 years of age or older. The 
City of Fitchburg has no residency requirement, 
therefore, students may vote if they have registered up 
to thirty (30) days before regular Blectli ■ 

ASSOCIATION - Check with the Student Government 
office located on the basement floor of the Campus 
Center for details and information oonoernlng elections, 
or check with the Chairperson of the Elections 
Committee of S.G.A. 

ELECTIVES: - The courses you take because you want 
to: not because you have to. See the R< I un 

a course requirement sheet (or your major 

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION - B.S. Degree in Education 
offered. For more information consult someone in the 
department offices located at McKay Campus School. 


You may also contact Burbank Hospital in Fitchburg. 
The phone number is: 345-4311, Also, see EMT's. 

EMERGENCY LOANS - The Emergency Student Loan 
Fund - The Dean of Students' Office has a program 
which provides short-term no interest loans for 
Fitchburg State College students. Loans are available 
for small sums of money and must be repaid within six 
weeks. All requests are handled on an individual basis. 
The Alumni Association also offers up to a $25.00 loan. 
See Loans. 

EMPLOYMENT - On campus, contact the Financial Aid 
Office. Off campus, see the Career Planning and 
Placement Center. 

are available for all students during evenings from 
8PM - midnight. Contact the desk of Aubuchon Hall. 

ENGLISH - English Department offices are located on 
the second floor in Miller Hall. 

ENROLLMENT - For statistics contact the Registrar or 
Director of Planning and Development. 

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - Consult the Department 
offices on the first floor of the Condike Science Building. 

EPSILON PI TAU - An honors fraternity for Industrial 
Technology majors. See the Directory o( Social Clubs. 

ESOTERIC SOCIETY (ESSOS) - A local fraternity. See 
the Directory o( Social Clubs. 

EXAMINATION PERIODS - See the academic calendar 
(or details as to when exams are administered. In tin- 
case o( illness or serious emergency a student should 
call the Registrar's o((ice and report the problem during 
the examination period. 

EXHIBITS - Check the Campus Center or the Campus 
i r Calendar for details. Check with the Fitchburg 
Art Museum and local papers for more information 

FACILITIES - Check with the Campus Center for 
information and reservations. 

FACULTY - Faculty members are listed with their 
extension number in the Campus Telephone Directory. 

FALCON - Fitchburg State College's athletic symbol. 
The great hunting bird is noted for its aggressive 
courage, majestic beauty, graceful form, and exceptional 

FAMILY PLANNING - Contact the Health Service in 
Miller Hall for further detail, contact the Family 
Planning Center, Main Street. Phone 345-6272 or 

FAST FOOD - Check with the Restaurant Directory in 
the back of this handbook. 

FENWICKS - A local fraternity. See the Directory of 
Social Clubs. 

"F" GRADES - "F" grades can never be removed, but the 
course in which they have been received must be 
repeated and passed, or, in the case of electives, other 
approved courses must be passed either in approved 
summer sessions, or when possible during the regular 
college year. Continuing subjects in which "F" grades 
have been received must be successfully repeated before 
the student may take advanced work. 

FIELDS (ATHLETIC) - Fitchburg State College has a 34- 
acre outdoor athletic complex for soccer, track and field, 
tennis courts, and archery. To arrive at this complex go 
straight down North Street and take your first right after 
the yellow flashing lights on John Fitch Highway. See 

FIELD HOCKEY - Contact the Athletic Director, 
Parkinson Gym. 

FIELD WORK - Practical course experience, required in 
mar: tnic majors. See individual departments for 


FILM LIBRARY - This is located on the third floor of the 
library wing of the Hammond Building. Check and see 
what films are available. 

FILMS - Films are sponsored by the S.G.A. See movies. 
Check the Campus Center Calendar. 

FINANCIAL AID - Students interested in specific 
programs or seeking specific or updated information 
should consult the Financial Aid office located in the 
Sanders Building. Call Ext. 131 as early as possible for 
assistance in your financial aid planning. 

FIRE - Refer to your dorm regulations or call the fire 
department in Fitchburg at 343-4801. 


Clubs Directory. 

institution of higher education that you are presently 
enrolled in. 

FLORISTS - See Directory of Florists. 

FOOD CO-OP - Located in the basement of Miller Hall 
for lower food prices. 

FOOTBALL CLUB - See the Clubs Directory or the 
Athletic Director. 

FOREIGN STUDENTS - Contact the Dean of Students' 

FRATERNITIES - See the Directory of Social Clubs. 

FRESHMAN - Your first year as an undergraduate 

FUBARS - Fine Upstanding Boys and Responsible 

FULL-TIME STUDENT - A full-time student must be 
carrying an academic load of at least 12 semester hours 
(credits) per semester. 

GALLERY -See Art Gallery. 

GAMES ROOM-Located on the ground floor of the 
Campus Center, this area contains pool and ping-pong 
tables, board games, pin-ball games, and various 
amusements. Cross-country skis, snowshoes, and some 
camping equipment are available for check-out with 
your ID. 

GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA-A local sorority. See 
Directory of Social Clubs. 

GAVALEERS-A local fraternity. See Directory of Social 

undergraduate students at F.S.C. are required to take 
English Composition I & II. Speech. Health and Fitness, 
and a United States Constitution Exam or a U.S. History 
course. For further information, consult the College 

GEOGRAPHY-The Geography offices are located in 
Edgerly Hall. 

GEOGRAPHY CLUB-See Clubs Directory. 

GOD-See Newman Center or Directory of Churches. 

GOINGS-ON-A calendar combining news of upcoming 

campus events with cultural and social events in the 
Fitchburg area. Available at the Campus Center 
Information Desk. 

GRADES-The grades given for academic work at F.S.C. 
run from to 4 on the point five system (1. 1.5, 2. 2.5, 3. 
3.5. 4). Zero indicates academic failure for a course. 1 to 
1.5 is poor but passing. 2 to 2.5 is average. 3 to 3.5 is 
good, and 4 is excellent. Grades are distributed by mail 
about 2-3 weeks after the end of each semester. All 
grade records are kept in the Registrar's Office. See also 
Change of Grades. 

GRADUATE PROGRAMS-F.S.C. offers programs of 
graduate study in the evenings The Graduate Program 
Office is located in Thompson Hall. Information about 
other graduate schools is located in the Career Planning 
and Placement Office. 

GRADUATION-See Requirements for Graduation. 

GRANTS-See Financial Aid 

GROUNDS CREW-Maintenance of the college grounds in 
ittractive condition is done by a grounds crew which 
has several student workers 
GYMNASIUM-The Parkinson Gym houses the 
basketball court, a weight room, several classrooms, and 
the offices of the Athletic Director and Physical 
Education Department 

GYMNASTICS CLUB-.sve CJubs Directory 


ible from the Health Service See also 
Family P/ann 

HAMMOND BUILDING-Home of the Library and 
Campus Center. Located at the corner of Pearl and 
North Streets. See listings for the Library and Campus 

HEAD RESIDENTS-In each of the residence halls there 
is a head resident who is in charge of the building. They 
are responsible for student staff, work schedules, and 
handle problems which may arise in the building. 

HEALTH AND FITNESS-A required course for all 
undergraduates. For further information consult the 
Catalogue and Master Schedule. 

HEALTH SERVICE - Located on the first floor of Miller 
Hall, and supported by the Health Fee, the Service 
provides basic health services from 8 AM to 5 PM during 
the week. The Service also runs workshops and 
programs on health-related topics in an effort to prevent 
illness and educate students. Emergency care is 
provided from 8 PM to midnight during all nights the 
residence halls are open. 


HERLDTY HALL-A coed residence hall located on North 
Street. The smallest of the residence halls, it houses 142 

HISTORY-Departmental offices are located in Miller 

HOCKEY-For more information, contact the Athletic 
Director in Parkinson Gym. 

HOLMES DINING HALL-This facility provides meals 
for all residence hall students and for commuting 
students who purchase a meal plan. See Meal Plan. 

HONORS-See Dean's List; President's List. 

HOSPITALS-Burbank Hospital, Nichols Road, 
Fitchburg, 345-4311; Leominster Hospital, Route 12, 
Leominster, 537-4811. 

HOTELS-See Directory of Hotels and Motels. 

HOUSING OFFICE - Located in Aubuchon Hall. All 
questions and problems concerning residence halls are 
handled by this office. 

HUMAN SERVICES-An interdisciplinary major. Offices 
ar<; located m Percival Hall. 

HUMAN SERVICES CLUB-See Clubs Directory. 

ID - Your passport for campus activities and services as 
well as the use of library resources. Reprints on the 3rd 
floor in the Conlon Building. 

ILLNESS - In case of illness go to the Health Service in 
Miller Hall. See also the Health Service. 

IMMUNIZATION — Information may be obtained from 
the Health Service. 

INCOMPLETE GRADES - Given only when at least 80% 
of the course has been completed at the time of 
discontinuance due to an illness or similar disability. 
For make-up contact the individual professor. For 
further details consult the Registrar or Dean of 
Undergraduate Studies. 

INDUSTRIAL ARTS - Program leading to a B.S. Degree 
in education on a secondary level. Offices are located in 
the Conlon Building. 

INDUSTRIAL SCIENCE - Department Offices located on 
the second floor in the Conlon Building. 

the Conlon Building. See also Audio-Visual Equipment. 

INSURANCE - Check with the Health Service or Dean of 
Students' Office for further information. There is a 
summer mailing to all students with information about 
health insurance plans. 

INTEREST TESTS- Career Planning and Placement 
offers a series of interest tests to aid you in career 
and/or major selection or with personal problems. 

Men and Women: Men - Soccer. Cross Country. Tennis. 
Ice Hockey, Winter Track. Basketball. Baseball. Track 
and Field. Women - Field Hockey. Tennis, Volleyball. 
Winter Track, Basketball. Softball. Track and Field. For 
further information consult the Athletic Department in 
Parkinson Gym. 

INTERCLUB FINANCE - See the S.G.A. Treasurer in the 
S.G.A. office located in the Campus Center. The 
interclub finance committee allocates student activity 
fee money to clubs. 

INTERNAL TRANSFER - Consult the Dean of 
Undergraduate Studies for details. 

INTERNSHIPS - See the individual Department 

Chairpersons or Dean of Under Studies. 

Clubs Directory. 

INTRAMURALS - Men see Athletic Director: women 
WAA (Women's Athletic Association). 

JOBS - Off campus and after graduation, see Career 
Planning and Placement. On campus, see Departments 
or Financial Aid Office. See Employment. 

JOURNALS - Many professional journals may be found 
on the second floor of the library. 

JUMPER CABLES - See the Information Desk in the 
Campus Center. 

JUNIORS - The year before you are a Senior and after 
you are a sophomore. 

Kill* LI* 

KITCHENS-KITCHENETTES - Consult individual 
residence halls for facilities available. 

LANGUAGE LABS - Language labs are located on the 
second floor of Thompson Hall. See the individual 
departments for more details. 


and Placement. 

LAWYERS - Contact the Student Government 
Association office. 

Resources Center (LRC) is located in the third floor of 
the Library. This new Center resulted from increasing 
recognition that the learning conditions required for 
each student may be different due to the uniqueness of 
individuals. The mission of the Learning Resource 
Center is to create conditions which allow the various 
mixes of human and non-human resources to focus upon 
individualized learning. 

The LRC attempts to accomplish its mission in 
several ways. First, it provides curriculum materials 
such as films, computer programs, filmstrips, audio and 
video tapes, and curriculum kits. Next, it helps create 
learning spaces that foster independent study, such as 
small group activities, human and non-human tutoring, 
and large-group interaction. In addition, the LRC 
renders assistance to faculty members by helping to 
improve instructional design and by providing research 
and development services to improve instruction and 
learning. The LRC is home to the Reading Center and 
Writing Skills Center. 

READING CENTER-Programs offered at the Reading 
Center are designed to meet the needs of all students. 
Enrichment programs are available for slow readers 
with good comprehension who want to increase their 
speed. Developmental programs, concentrating on 
comprehension skills, help students understand what 
they read. Additionally, study skills programs, 
centering on taking effective lecture notes and reading 
textbooks efficiently, are offered. Students may enroll in 
a reading program at any time and select hours 
convenient to their schedule of courses. There is no 
charge for these programs. 

WRITING SKILLS CENTER-The Writing Skills Center 
is a developmental program designed for self-instruction 
in the areas of spelling, grammar, and composition 
structure. It was established in the Fall of 1976 as the 
need was recognized to assist students who 
demonstrated difficulty with the basics of writing 
Through instructor or self-referral, students come to the 
Center and are diagnostically tested to target the areas 
of greatest need. From these results, the student is 
directed in a program tailored to meet particular ne- 



LECTURE SERIES - The Newman Center sponsors Wine 
and Word Lecture Series. Check the Center for dates, 
times, and speakers. 

LEGAL AID - Free legal advice is available to students 
by the S.G.A. attorney who is available for appointments 
in the S.G.A. office. 

LIBRARY - The regular schedule for the academic year 
is as follows: 

Monday - Thursday 




8:00 AM - 11:00 PM 
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
2:30 PM - 9:30 PM 

Vacation, exam period, and summer schedule will be 

Circulation of Materials - The Fitchburg State ColleRe ID 
is used to charge out library material. A student is 
responsible for all the materials charged on his ID. 
Books circulate for one month. Records circulate for two 
weeks and pamphlets can be taken out for three days. 
Books, records, and pamphlets may be renewed once, 
subject to demad. Overdue charges are five cents per day 
per book or per record. Lost materials should be 
reported and the student will be required to pay for 
them. Reserved books may be taken out overnight 

LIQUOR - .Sec handbook of Rules and Regulations. 

LITERARY MAGAZINE - The Scrimshaw is F.S.C.'s 

ary magazine, it provides an opportunity for people 
of the college community to Bee In print theii 

works. Editorial positions arc available. 

LOANS - An emergency loan hind I for 

students. Tins type of no Interest, short term loan m 
be discussed with the Dean ol Students The alumni 

Office also has loans of up to $25) 00 availab!' 

students. For other loai Inancial Aid 

LOCKERS - '['here are student lookers located In the 

Industrial Arts Building and Campus Center 

LOST AND FOUND ind found maybe 

'her the ' r Information Desk 

or the Bu 

LOUM ■ I C8 * Thl • huh 

a student maj 

and other refreshment availab 


l Industrial Arts Building entrance from 

Highland A 
2. mpus Cei 

3 Miller lull ground f 
i Residei 

I particular hall 

MACRAME - See Crafts. 

MAIL ROOM - The mail room is located on the 
ground level of the Campus Center Building. See Post 

MATH CLUB - See Clubs Directory. 

MATH DEPARTMENT - The Math Department is located 
on the third floor of Miller Hall. 

MATH SKILLS CENTER - The Math Skills Center, 
which is located in the Learning Resource Center in the 
Library, is readily available for students who have 
difficulty in computational areas. This service is free of 

McKAY CAMPUS SCHOOL - This is a campus 
elementary school and contains the offices of the 
Departments of Early Childhood, Elementary, 
Secondary, and Special Education and the Center for 
Study and Research in Human Development. 

MEAL PLAN- All residence hall students, except those 
who live in the apartment complex, are required to chose 
a five or seven day meal plan and to take their meals in 
the Holmes Dining Commons. Other students who wish 
to may purchase a meal plan of their choosing and eat in 
Holmes. If you are interested in purchasing a meal plan, 
contact the Business Office. 


MEDIA - See Instructional Media. 

MEDICAL PROBLEMS - See Health Services. 

MEDICINE - See Health Services. 

MED-TECH CLUB - See Clubs Directory. 

MEETING ROOMS - Multi-purpose rooms are 
conveniently located throughout the Campus Center and 
at other locations on campus. Reservations are made on 
a first come-first served basis. Requests should be 
directed to the Campus Center's Administrative offices 
- ed near the Information Desk in the Main Lobby of 
the Campus Center Building; or, from off campus, call 

MENTAL HEALTH - See Counseling. 

MILLER HALL - Miller Hall is located on the corner of 
Highland Ave. and Pearl St. and contains the A.I.D. 
Officf.- English, Speech, Mathematics, Social Science, 
and Business Administration Departments, the Veterans 
Administration representative, and the Student Health 

MIME - See Players' Guild. 

MIMEOGRAPHING - See Copy Services. 

MOHAWKS - A local fraternity. See Directory of Social 


MOTORCYCLE PARKING - Spaces for parking 
motorcycles are available underneath the Holmes Dining 

MOVIES - Movies are shown every Saturday and the 
first Wednesday of every month in the Campus Center 
Lecture Hall free of charge. See the Campus Center 
Calendar for specific details. 

MUSIC - The music department is located in the Music 
Wing of the Conlon Fine Arts Building. See also Choral 
Arts, Women's Chorus, and Band. 

MUSIC WING - The music wing is located in the Conlon 
Fine Arts Building facing North Street. 


NEASYLONS-A local sorority. See Directory of Social 

NEWMAN ASSOCIATION-See Clubs Directory. 

NEWMAN CENTER-The Newman Center attempts to 
provide the presence of the Church on the Fitchburg 
State College Campus. Located at 281 Highland Avenue, 
the present center was designed to be a religious, 
cultural, and social center for the college community. 

Reverend James A. Houston and Sister Katherine 
McKenna have served as chaplains to the college 
community since September of 1974. Both are available 
to students for counseling and spiritual direction. 

Although the Center is Roman Catholic in origin, it 
provides for the needs of students of all faiths. In 
addition to the chapel, the building houses offices for 
chaplains, a study lounge, and a recreation area with 
kitchen facilities. The original center which is located 
next door provides a chaplain's residence and meeting 

Through the efforts of its staff, the Center attempts to 
offer a climate where the students can raise basic 
questions without fear, a word which is an honest 
response to the student's individual needs, and a home 
where he or she can relax in a small informal 
atmosphere. The Center is open Monday-Friday, 10:00 
AM to 10:00 PM. On weekends, events determine hours. 
Mass is celebrated Tuesday and Thursday. 4:30 PM; 
Saturday. 4:30 PM; and Sunday, 11:00AM. Telephone 
number: 342-3409. 

NEWSPAPERS-The campus newspaper is the Rhetoric. 
It publishes weekly with news of campus events. 
Information and articles are welcome and can be 
submitted to the Rhetoric office, basement floor of the 
Campus Center. See also Directory of Newspapers. 

NURSING-Department offices are located on the third 
floor of Thompson Hall. 



OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING-Information. assistance, and 
referrals are available from the Dean of Students' office, 
the Housing Office, and the Student Government 
Association office. 

OPEN OTM-Parkinson Gym Is open to all students for 
use of its facilities on a first come-first served basis. 
For schedules consult the Athletic Office m the Gym 

ORIENTATION I! f Students' office runs 

Ion progr ill new studen men and 

transfers) during the summer and just prior to the 
beginning o: mester The Orientation Program 

consists of campus tours, small group d 
topical workshops, testing, academic advising, 

.trillion, and and recreational activities For 
further information, consult the Dean of Students office 


!, which mir ' 
ived by your • :visor and the Dean of 

1. 1 ate StU 

OVERSEAS-Any student interested in Studying or 
student teaching for a semestei • should contact 

the Director of Professional Experiences located in 
Edgerly Hall 

PAP TESTS - Consult the Health Service Staff for 
further information. 

PARKING BAN- No overnight parking is allowed on the 
city streets from December 1st to April 1st. If a snow 
storm falls before December 1st, the parking ban goes 
into effect immediately. Watch the Fitchburg Sentinel 
for details. 

PARKING LOTS-The student parking lots are located on 
North Street and behind McKay Campus School. See 
Parking Stickers for eligibility. 

PARKING STICKERS-Residence Hall students are not 
granted parking space on campus unless curriculum- 
related off-campus assignments require transportation. 
Requests are considered by the Dean of Students' office 
on an individual basis. Commuting students and eligible 
residents obtain permits from the Campus Police. These 
permits allow parking on a "first come" basis in student 

PARKINSON GYM-The indoor athletic facility on 

PART-TIME STUDENT- Any student who carries an 
academic load of eleven (11) credits or less is considered 
a part-time student. 

PERCIVAL HALL-The old Behavioral Sciences Building. 
Classroom and lecture hall facilities are located in this 
building, along with the Psychology, Sociology, and 
Human Services Departments. 

PERSONNEL OFFICE-Located on the second floor of the 
Sanders Administration Building. 

PETS-The only pets allowed in the residence halls are 
goldfish. No other pets are allowed anywhere on 

PHILODEMICS-A local sorority. See Directory of Social 

PHILOSOPHY-Offices are located on the second floor of 
the Conlon Building. 

PHONES-See Telephone Directories. 

PHOTOGRAPHY-One of the concentrations in the 
Communications Media Department. There are also 
basic photography courses available as an elective to all 
the students on campus. 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Department offices are located 
in Parkinson Gym. 

PHYSICS-Departments are located on the third floor of 
the Condike Science Building. 

PIZZA-See the Directory of Restaurants. 

PLACEMENT OFFICE-Located on the third floor of 
Edgerly Hall. 

PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT-Office is located on 
the second floor of the Sanders Building. 

PLAYERS GUILD-See Clubs Directory. 

POLICE-Contact the Campus Police, Extension 111, 51 
Pearl St., Fitchburg. For the Fitchburg City Police, call 

POLITICAL ACTION-A subcommittee of the Student 
Government Association. 

POST OFFICE-There is a post office in the Campus 
Center; or you can go to the Philip J. Philbin Postal 
Building, Main Street, Fitchburg, telephone 342-6031, 
which has the most extensive postal services available. 

POSTERS-Posters must be approved for Bulletin Boards 
by the S.G.A. office. 

POTHOLES-Call the Highway Department of the City of 

PRANKSTERS — For further information see Campus 


PREGNANCY — Contact the staff in the Health Service 

in Miller Hall, or Family Planning, Main St., Fitchburg. 

PRESIDENT-Dr. Vincent J. Mara. His office is located 
on the second floor of the Sanders Building, and he 
sponsors a weekly open house at which any member of 
the college community can attend to share problems or 

PRESIDENT'S LIST - A full-time undergraduate student 
carrying at least a 15 credit load must receive a 
cumulative average of 3.75 for three consecutive 
semesters to be on the President's list. If the student 
drops below a 3.75 average any semester, he is removed 
from the list. If he receives a cumulative average of 3.75 
for another three consecutive semesters, the student is 
back on the List. 

PRIESTS-See Father James Houston from the Newman 

PROBATION-See the Academic Dean. 
Point Requirements. 

Also see Quality 

PROGRAMS COMMITTEE-The organization in charge 
of much of the programming done on campus. A 
subcommittee of the Student Government Association. 

PROGRAMMING-Contact the S.G.A. office, the 
Programs Resource Office in the Campus Center, the 
Campus Center Information Desk, or the Dean of 
Students' office. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS-If you are emotionally 
upset and want some confidential counseling or you 
have a personal or social problem, contact the Residence 
Hall staff. Career Planning and Placement Center, Dean 
of Students office or the Newman Center, Highland Ave., 
Fitchburg, Mass. 

PSYCHOLOGY-The department is located on the first 
floor of Percival Hall. 

PSYCHOLOGY CLUB-See the Clubs Directory. 

PUB-The Campus Pub is located on the lower level of the 
Campus Center. 

QUAD-The area (land space) in the middle of the 

quality point ratio shall be cumulative, semester by 
End of Semester Year Probation Dismissal 

1 Freshman 

2 Freshman 

3 Sophomore 

4 Sophomore 

5 Junior 

6 Junior 

7 Senior 

8 Senior 

Not applicable Not applicable 
1.50-1.74 Below 1.50 


No probation 
No probation 
No probation 

Below 1.50 
Below 1.75 
Below 1.75 
Below 2.00 
Below 2.00 
Below 2.00 

RAPE - Information booklets on rape prevention are 
available from the Campus Police, Dean of Studc 
Office. Campus Center [nformatlOD Desk, and Residence 
Hall desks. Report any suspicious incidents to the 
Campus Police and Dean of Student's Office 

reading skills center - See Learning Resour 


READMISSION .'luntJirily withdi 

from the college must request n on from the 

Registrar's Office. Students who withdraw will be 
readmitted provided they were in Rood academu 

nding at the time of withdrew*] students who b ■ 
been academically dismissed must meet special 
academic requirements before they will be readmitted 
Such students should consult the Registrar and 
Academic Dean when requesting n in 

RECORDS - S nls 

RECREATION - m Room, Open Oym, 

fhtraffluraJs, Interval wd the 

Recreation Directory. 

RESUME - A written description of you: your education, 
job experience, and career goals. Used in job hunting. 
For assistance in developing your resume, consult the 
Career Planning and Placement Center. 

RHETORIC - The College newspaper, published weekly. 
Its offices are located in the basement of the Campus 
Center. Student articles and opinion are welcome and 
editorial positions are available. 

RIDES BOARD - Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, this 
board is located in G-lobby of the Campus Center. By 
using it, students offering rides to various locations can 
find students seeking rides to the same places. 

ROOMMATES - Almost everyone living in the residence 
halls will have a roommate, because there are very few 
single rooms available. Roommate requests are handled 
by the Housing Office. Room changes and roommate 
problems should be discussed with your RA and Head 

ROTC (ARMY) - Department offices located in Edgerly 
Hall. This viable program is being made available to 
Fitchburg students through the establishment of an 
Extension Center, which will be staffed and operated by 
personnel from the United States Army ROTC Instructor 
Group from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 
Worcester. What this means for Fitchburg freshmen and 
sophmores is that you will be able to participate in 
Army ROTC on campus without any cost, or obligation 
for your freshmen and sophomore years of college. 

RUSSELL TOWERS - A coed residence hall for 405 
students located on the hill above North St. This hall is 
arranged in suites of eleven or twelve students per suite. 


REGISTRAR - Located in the basement of the Sanders 
Building, this office keeps all academic records for full- 
time undergraduate students. This is the place to go to 
resolve scheduling problems, to keep track of your 
requirements, to drop a course, to request a transcript, 
and to examine your records. 

REGISTRATION - The process by which courses are 
selected for each semester. See Schedules. 

RESIDENT ASSISTANTS (RA'b) - Undergraduate 
student employees of the Housing Office who live in the 
residence halls. All RA's have received extensive 
training and should be the first persons you consult if 
you are a residence hall student with a problem. 

RESTAURANTS - See Directory of Restaurants. 


Directory of Churches. 

See Newman Center and 

must complete all general education requirements, all 
requirements in the major field, and sufficient electives 
in order to graduate. In addition, each student must 
have a 2.00 grade average. You should keep up to date 
with your advisor and the Registrar in order to make 
sure you are completing the requirements for your 

RESCUE - From 8 AM to 5 PM during the week, consult 
the Health Center. In the evenings, consult EMT's. See 
also Ambulance, Campus Police, EMT's. 

RESIDENCE HALLS - Fitchburg State has four 
residence halls which offer a wide variety of residential 
life styles. All are staffed with students and 
professionals and provide social, cultural, and 
educational programs for their residents through their 
house councils. In addition to the apartment complex, 
the residence halls are Aubuchon and Herlihy Halls, and 
Russell Towers. For further information, consult the 
Housing Office in Aubuchon Hall. 


purpose of the SAC is to encourage responsible self- 
governance of the state college system; to lobby on 
behalf of the students of the state college system; to 
provide a vehicle for organizing and representing the 
interests of the individual state colleges; to promote 
advancement of educational opportunity and 
responsibility; to secure and defend the rights and 
freedoms necessary for our full participation in the 
educational, academic, and social processes; to insure 
the civil rights of the students of the state college 
system; to promote full understanding and cooperation 
among the students, faculty, and the administration in 
order to further the welfare of the Massachusetts State 
College System. For further information, contact the 
S.G.A. office. 

SANDERS BUILDING - The Administration Building, 
containing the offices of all Deans, the President. 
Business, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Admissions. 

SAXIFRAGE - It is the purpose of the Saxifrage 
Yearbook to provide to the students a record of events 
which covers the school year as closely as possible. 
You may order the yearbook in the fall, and it will be 
delivered in the spring. The office is located in the 
basement of the Campus Center. 

SCHEDULES - At the end of each semester, students 
meet with their advisor in order to make out a schedule 
for the following semester. Master schedules of all 
courses to be offered are placed in the mailboxes. 

All science instructors, laboratories and equipment are 
housed here. It is a fairly new building and well- 
equipped. The Science Lecture Hall is on the second 
floor and most classes, except for labs, are held here. 

SCD3NCE - For specifics on courses and majors consult 
the catalogue or individual departments. 

SCRIMSHAW - This is F.S.C.'s Literary magazine. It 
provides an opportunity for people of the community to 
see their creative works in print. 

SECURITY - The Campus Police force located on Pearl 
St. consists of eight male and two female officers. They 
are on duty 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling 
345-2151 ext. Ill 

S.G.A. - The Student Government Association (basement 
level of the Campus Center) is where you go for 
answers, the solving of problems, and information. The 
governing body of S.G.A. is the S.G.A. Council. There is 
a President, Vice President, Treasurer. Assistant 
Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Recording 
Secretary. This constitutes the executive board. Tin- 
General Council consists of the class presidents, class 
representatives, residence hall representatives and a 
Commuter's Board. Menu ID all S.G.A. 

committees is open to the entire student body Your 
Student Activity Fee supports this organization whieh 
supplies you with programs and activities. !■■ 
services, copy ser ib and apartment listings, and 


SICKNESS - Sec Health Service. 

SINGING - Foi those people who wish to exercise their 
vocal chords, there is a choice of Woman's Chorus. 
Mixed CIi 

SKATING - For those who wish to ire skate, there 
public skating hours at the Wallace enter on John 

Fitch Highway Orchard Hills in Lancaster also has 
public skating hours Whalom Fark provides roller 
skates and skating time for a quar' om Fark 

located on Rt 13 in Lunenburg 

SKIING - ["here are several ski slopes in the area. Mt. 
Watatic in Ashby. Pheasant Run in Leominster, and Mt. 

nusett are just .1 few of the available hills. There are 
both ,:ntry and downhill courses offered through 

the Physical Education Department. The Games Room 
in the Campus Center has cross-country ski equipment 
available for use by students with a current F.S.C.ID. 

SNOW - Fitchburg has its share of snow, and it's put to 
use in the snow sculpting contest during Winter 
Carnival Week in February. 



Consult the Athletic Director. Parkinson 

SOCIOLOGY CLUB - See Clubs Directory. 

SOFTBALL - consult the Athletic Director, Parkinson 

SPECIAL EDUCATION - Department offices located in 
McKay Campus School. 

SPECIAL EDUCATION CLUB - See Clubs Directory. 

SPEECH - A basic speech course is required of all 
undergraduates. There are other courses available. For 
more information consult the catalogue. 

SPORTS (INTERCOLLEGIATE) - There are eight men's 
sports. See Soccer. Cross-Country, Tennis, Ice Hockey, 
Winter Track. Basketball or Track and Field for more 
information. For women's sports see Field Hockey, 
Tennis. Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, or 

spring there is a day for celebration of spring. There are 
bands, activities, food and beer. For more information, 
watch the campus bulletin boards. 

STEREO - Each student supplies his/her own stereo; 
however there are rules pertaining to the use of these 
instruments. Student discretion is required as to the 
noise level. Housing regualtions permit the removal of 
a stereo that is consistently too loud. 

STUDENT TEACHING - You must have completed the 
following in order to student teach: 

1. Positive recommendation of a majority of the 
faculty members in the area of the major and/or 

2. A demonstrated effectiveness in oral and written 
communication as evidenced by use of currently 
acceptable levels of English. 

3. The successful completion of the tuberculin test. 


Each candidate should possess a 2.0 cumulative 
average and a 2.5 average in the major field, as 
each department defines "major field." No 
incomplete in any course is allowed. No 
unresolved failure is permitted in a candidate's 
major field. No probational status is allowed. 

A student convicted of a felony as defined and 
identified by the courts of any state is 
automatically ineligible for a teacher education 
program, for further information, consult the 
Director of Professional Experiences and your 
major department. 


• '*'"•■ 

All transfer students are required to take 12 
semester hours from at least three different 
professors within their respective departments 
prior to student teaching. 

STUDENT UNION - See Campus Center. 

SWIMMING - There are public swimming hours at the 
YMCA in downtown Fitchburg. Whalom Park in 
Lunenburg has outdoor facilities for the warmer 

TAKE HOME EXAMS - As an alternative to in-class 
examinations, an instructor may assign a take-home 
exam, in which the student will complete the exam out of 

TELEPHONES, PAY - Pay telephones are located in the 
lobby of the Conlon Building, on the ground level and 
basement floors of the Hammond building, in the main 
entrance of the McKay School, and in all the residence 

participates in the annual CP Telethon. If you wish to 
work the phones in the Telethon, watch bulletin boards. 

TELEVISION STUDIO - The television studio is in the 
Conlon Building. Use of the studio must be cleared with 
the Instructional Media Department. 

TELEVISIONS - Public televisions are located in the 
Pub area and on the first floor of the Campus Center. 

TEMPORARY ID - If you lose your F.S.C. ID, you can 
get a temporary ID from the Dean of Students Office. 

TEMPORARY MEAL TICKET - If you lose your meal 
ticket for the Holmes Dining commons, you can get a 
temporary meal ticket from the Dean of Students office 
or from any Resident Advisor in a residence hall. 

TEMPORARY PARKING STICKER - If you are going to 
have a car on campus for a short period of time, and you 
have a valid reason for needing the car, you can get a 
temporary parking sticker from the Dean of Students 

TENNIS TEAMS - Every fall. F.S.C. fields a men's 
varsity tennis team and a women's tennis team. Consult 
the Athletic Director, Parkinson Gym. 

TENNIS COURTS - The college's tennis courts are 
located in the college athletic complex across the John 
Fitch Highway. 

TESTING - A student may arrange to take CLEP or 
other tests through the Career Planning and Placenv 
Center. Medical tests can be administered at the Health 
Service or at Burbank Hospital. 

TEXTBOOKS - New textbooks and some used textbooks 
are available at the College Bookstore in the Campus 
Center. Used texbooks are available at the APO Book 

Exchange which is held at the beginning of the fall 


THEATERS - See the Recreation Directory. 

THOMPSON HALL - Thompson Hall is located on the 
quadrangle. It also is directly opposite the Hammond 
Building. Thompson houses the Nursing, Continuing 
Education, Evening Undergraduate, and Graduate 

TICKETS - Tickets for sporting events are available at 
Fitchburg Travel and Ticket Agency, 221 Main Street, 
Fitchburg. Tickets for concerts are available at 
Fitchburg Music. 175 Main Street, Fitchburg. 

TRACK - F.S.C. has a paved '/tmile track that is located 
with the college athletic fields. 

TRACK TEAMS - F.S.C. has men's varsity winter and 
spring track teams. F.S.C. also has a women's varsity 
spring track team. 

TRANSCRIPTS - A student may obtain a transcript of 
his/her marks from the Registrar's office. The first 
transcript is free. Subsequent copies cost a dollar. 

TRANSFER - A new student who is not a freshman and 
who usually comes from another college, university, or 
community college. If you wish to transfer from F.S.C, 
consult the school you wish to transfer to. 

TRANSPORTATION - See RidesBoard. Bus Station, and 
Travel Directory. 

TRAVEL - See Travel Directory. 

TUITION - Tuition for an in-state student is $250 per 
semester. Tuition for an out-of-state student is $662.50 
per semester. 

TUTORS - If you are having trouble with a certain 
subject, your academic advisor may be able to get you a 
tutor to help you out with that subject. 


UNDECLARED - If you haven't decided what you want 
your academic major to be yet, then your major will be 
classified as Undeclared (UND). 

UNDERCLASSMEN - An underclassman is any 
Freshman or Sophomore student. 

UNDERGRADUATE - An undergraduate is any full-time 
student who has not yet received a bachelor's degree. 

UNDERGRADUATE DEAN - The Undergraduate Dean is 
Christine Cosgrove. Her office is in the Condike 
Building. Any academic problem concerning 
undergraduate students is her concern. 

UNIVERSAL - The Weight Room in the basement of the 
Parkinson Gym has an universal weight lifting machine. 

UPPERCLASSMEN - An upperclassman is any Junior 
or Senior student. 

V.A.C. - See Clubs Directory. 

VACATIONS - The periods which are interrupted by 
classes. For details see the calendar for the academic 

VARSITY SPORTS - Consult the Athletic Department, 
located in the Parkinson Gym. 

VETERANS - For veterans information, see the 
Veteran's Office, located on the first floor of Miller Hall. 

WALLACE CIVIC CENTER - Complex located on John 
Fitch Highway containing Planetarium, Ice Skating 
Arena, and Gymnastic Center. 

WEIGHT ROOM - Located on the lower level of 
Parkinson Gym. 

WITHDRAWAL - From courses, see the Registrar; from 
the college, see the Dean of Students. 


WOMEN'S CHORUS - See Clubs Directory. 

WOMEN'S CO-OP - See Clubs Directory. 

WOMEN'S SPORTS - Consult the Athletic Department in 
Parkinson Gym. 

WRESTLING - See Herlihy Hall Thursday Nights. 

WRITING SKILLS CENTER - See Learning Resources 

XEROX - See Copy Services. 

Y.M.C.A. - 55 Wallace Avenue, Fitchburg. Telephone 
number, 343-4847. 

Y.W.C.A. - The same address as the Y.M.C.A. (They are 




Vincent J. Mara, Ph.D. 

Assistant to the President 

Carleton H. LaPorte, J.D. 

Director of Personnel Relations 

Thomas Coates, J.D. 


Academic Dean 

Francis J. Pilecki, Ed.D. 

Dean of Undergraduate Studies 

Christine Cosgrove, Ph.D. 

Director of Professional Experiences 

Robert R. Lee, Ed.D. 

Sanders ex. 112 

Sanders ex. 114 

Sanders ex. 135 

Condike 231 ex. 133 

Condike 231 ex. 164 

Edgerly ex. 169 

Dean of Graduate & Continuing Ed. Studies 
John F. Nash, Ed.D. 

Thompson 105 ex. 141 

Associate Director for Graduate Studies 
Paula Robbins, Ph.D. 

Thompson 105 ex. 218 

Associate Director of Field Services 

Lawrence A. Ovian, Ed.D. 

Thompson 116 ex. 139 


George J. Aziz, M.Ed. 

Associate Registrar 

Robert W. Greene. Ph.D. 

Director of Admissions 

Joseph A. Angelini, C.A.G.S. 

Sanders lower ex. 126 

Sanders lower ex. 126 

Sanders lower ex. 128 

Assistant Director of Admissions 

Wilfred Paro, M.A. 
Oscar Harrell, C.A.G.S. 
Mark L. Whitmore, B.S. 
Sarah Francis, M.A. 

Director of A.I.D. 

Oscar Harrell, C.A.G.S. 


Dean of Administration 

John J. Boursy. M.B.A. 

Director of Fiscal Affairs 

Michael Rivard, M.B.A. 


Edward Leary, Ed.M. 

Planning and Development 

Director of Planning & Development 

P'rancis X. Guindon. Ed.D. 


John Strohbeen. B.S. 

Student Services 

Dean of Students 

William R Donohue, P 

Associate Dean of Students 
Andrea Jane Rogers. J.D. 

Sanders lower ex. 128 

Sanders 227 ex. 115 

Sanders 227 ex. 116 

Sanders 227 ex. 117 

Sanders ex. 134 

Power plant ex. 145 

Sanders C 224 ex. 124 

Sanders C 224 ex 125 

Director of Career Planning & Placement 
Raymond Bryant, M 

Edgerly Hall ex 130 

Director of Housing 

Bessie J. Palmisciano. M.A. 

Aubuchon Hall ex. 170 


Director of Financial Aid 
Sheila Ann Shaffer, B.A. 

Director of Campus Center 
Raoul Rebillard. M.S. 

Staff Associate - Counselor 

loan M Krejci. M.A.. M.A. 

Sanders lower ex. 131 

Hammond 113 ex. 132 

Edgerly Hall 

Director of Athletics 

Parkinson Gymnasium ex. 183 


Instructional - Library, Media, & Laboratories 

Director of Library Services 

William T. Casey. M.A., M.S. 

Cataloguer and Acquisition Librarian 
Esther C. Gove. M.A.. M.S.L.S. 

Reference Librarian 

David Kelley. M.S.L.S. 
Jeremy Sayles, M.S.L.A. 

Periodical Librarian 

Faith Anttila 

Circulations Librarian 

Eini Woods 

Hammond ex. 137 

Hammond ex. 138 

Hammond ex. 138 

Hammond ex. 167 

Hammond ex. 138 

McKay School Librarian 
Lillian Gerecke. Ed.M. 

McKay Campus School ex. 174 

Director of Instructional Media 

Norman C. Locke, M.Ed. 

Assistant Director of Instructional Media 
Brian Clare. M.Ed. 

Conlon ex. 186 

Medical Services 

Director of Health Services 
Paul E. Cochrane, M.D. 

Nurse Pracitioner 

Deborah Woolard, R.N., N.P. 

Medical Secretary 

Lynn M. Guillette 

Data Processing 

Director of Data Processing 
Roy Hall. B.S. Ed. 

Conlon ex. 186 

ex. 161 

ex. 161 

ex. 161 

McKay Campus School 



Assistant Principal 
John Mazeika, M.S. 

Hammond, 3rd floor ex. 143 

Rindge Road ex. 172 

Rindge Road ex. 172 

Cleghorn Credit Union 

40 Fairmont Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Family Federal Savings and Loan Association 

310 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Fitchburg I.C. Credit Union 

255 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Fitchburg Savings Bank 

780 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Worcester North Savings Institution 

288 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Workers Credit Union 

Elm at Academy Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Assemblies of God 

Assembly of God Church of Fitchburg 

15 Rollstone St., Fitchburg 


First Baptist Church 

1400 John Fitch Highway, Fitchburg 

Highland Baptist Church 

21 Cedar St., Fitchburg 

Twin City Baptist 

Electric Ave., Lunenburg 


St. Anthony de Padua Church 

2 Beekman St., Fitchburg 

St. Bernard's Church 

240 Water St., Fitchburg 

St. Joseph's Church 

46 Woodland St., Fitchburg 

St. Camillus Church 

333 Mechanic St., Fitchburg 

Newman Center 

281 Highland Ave., Fitchburg 

Christian Science 

Christian Science Church & Reading Room 

106 Merriam Ave., Leominster 

Church of Christ 

Church of Christ 

592 West St., Leominster 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 

Mormon Church 

11 Freno Dr., Westminster 


Trinity Congregational Church 
125 Rollstone St.. Fitchburg 

Eastern Orthodox 

Greek Orthodox Church 

1319 Main St., Fitchburg 

All Saints Chapel 

1469 Main St., Whalom, Fitchburg 

Christ Church 

569 Main St., Fitchburg 
342-0007 or 342-7296 

Church of the Good Shepherd 

10 Waschusett St., Fitchburg 

Evangelical Covenant 

Pilgrim Convenant Church 

Beal St., Lunenburg 


Emanuel Lutheran Church 

1 Caldwell PL. Fitchburg 

Messiah Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod 
Services - Finnish 8:30 AM 
English - 10:15 AM 
750 Rindge Rd., Fitchburg 


West Fitchburg Methodist Church 

2 Vernon St., Fitchburg 


First United Presbyterian Church 

173 Chestnut St.. Clinton 

Salvation Army 

Salvation Army Corps & Community Center 
739 Water St.. Fitchburg 

Seventh-Day Adventist 

Seventh-day Adventist Church 

41 Cross St., Leominster 

Seventh-day Adventist Church 

205 Summer St.. Fitchburg 

Unitarian - Universalist 

First Parish Church Universalist - Unitarian 
Prospect St.. Fitchburg 

Rollstone Congregational Church 
199 Main St.. Fitchburg 

United Methodist 

First United Methodist Church 
820 Main St.. Fitchburg 


Congregation Agudas Actum 

40 Boutelle St.. Fitchburg 


Armenian Club 

This club tries to promote the Armenian culture within 
the college community: Food, Arts and Crafts, Music, 
Dancing and Language, as well as establishing 
communication with the Armenian community of the 
Montachusett Region. Funds will also be raised for 
scholarships to be awarded to Fitchburg State College 
students of Armenian descent. 

Band (Instrumental Arts) 

Instrumental Arts (Band, Jazz-Rock Ensemble, etc.) is 
open to musicians from the college and local 
communities on all levels of playing ability. 
Performance opportunities include the 55-piece Concert 
Band. 20-piece Jazz-Rock Ensemble and smaller groups 
formed at members' suggestions. The groups play a 
wide variety of musical styles from early classics and 
transcriptions to contemporary music. 

Biology Club (L.I.V.E.) 

A newly-established organization whose goals are to 
foster interest in life sciences. The group sponsors 
programs of information and education concerning 
laboratory sciences and is open to all members of the 
campus community who are interested in enriching their 
knowledge of biology. 

Choral Arts Association 

The Choral Arts Association is a group of organizations 
designed to let the students express their creativity 
through singing. We are comprised of a Mixed Chorus, a 
Women's Chorus and a smaller Madrigal Group. 
Auditions are held in the Fall. 

Every year we have two Concerts; one at Christmas and 
one in the Spring. We usually attend the State Choral 
Festival, held in 1978 at Salem State college. There are 
many enjoyable activities in addition. 

Christian Life Community 

Christian Life Community is an international movement 
which meets weekly at the Newman Center. Its aim is to 
develop and sustain men and women, adults and youth, 
who commit themselves to the service of the Church and 
d in every area of life. The community 
Dines those who feel the need to unite their 
Christian faith. The Fitchburg State College Community 
is a member of the National Federation of Christian Life 

Cultural Society off Minority Students 

The purpose of the Cultural Society of Minority Students 
is to bring together the various minority students of 
Fitchburg State College, in a union where they can 
interact, function, and perform in the college community. 
The organization is open to all students and membership 
is welcomed at anytime during the year. 

Debate and Forensics 

Fitchburg State college has the most active Debate and 
Forensics team of the Massachusetts State College 

Among the Club's activities are debate, poetry reading, 
impromptu speaking, persuasive speaking, and 
rhetorical criticism. 

In recent years, Fitchburg students have participated in 
tournaments at such varied institutions as the 
University of Vermont, Southern Connecticut State 
College, McGill University, Villanova University, 
Boston University and Penn State University. 

No previous experience with debate is necessary. The 
Club always welcomes new members. 

Early Childhood Club 

The Early Childhood Club provides an opportunity for 
students to become actively involved in their major. 
Workshops and activities are provided by the club. It's a 
fun club - come and see! 

Elementary Education Club 

The club is just getting started. We are trying to get 
enough people interested in this club for interest- 
provoking activities which will benefit their career as 
teachers. The purpose of the club is to start an interest 
in education and to become aware of what is happening 
in this area and how it will affect those dealing with it. 

Fitchburg Industrial Arts Association 

The Fitchburg Industrial Arts Asociation is an 
organization whose primary purpose is to acquaint 
Fitchburg State College students with the purposes, 
functions, and ideals of Industrial Arts. 

Fitchburg State College Hiking and Climbing Club 

The Fitchburg State College Hiking and Climbing Club 
operates to organize hiking and camping trips for 
students whether they are novice or experienced hikers 
and campers. The club provides a fellowship for hikers 
and campers so that they may learn from each other. 
The club is open to all students. 

Football Club 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 

Founded in 1977, the Football Club will field its first 
team in 1978. The team will compete against other club 
football teams from all over New England. Its purpose 
is to promote campus spirit and unity. 

Geography Club 

The Geography Club was established in September, 1974. 
Its purposes include: spreading geographic awareness 
through the student body with speakers from the field, 
familiarizing Geography majors with opportunities for 
graduate school and/or employment possibilities, and 
planning and financing field trips and conferences in 
Geography. We recognize the importance of field work 
in both physical and cultural areas and feel that the 
ability to identify a feature in the landscape is essential 
to the study of Geography. The club welcomes members 
from any discipline. 

Gymnastics Club 

This new club is dedicated to promoting physical fitness 
and conditioning through gymnastics and is open to 
everyone on campus. 

The Human Services Club 

The Human Services Club aims to develop further 
interest in the field of Human Services. It is the hope of 
this club to develop services and make them available to 
the Fitchburg State College community as well as to the 
surrounding community. Membership is open to all 
students and faculty of the college who have an interest 
in the field of Human Services. 

The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is one of many 
fellowships across the nation. We believe the following: 

1. We base our beliefs on the truth and sovereignty of 
God's Word, the Bible. 

2. We believe in the mystery of the Trinity, three 
persons in one, God the Father, Jesus the Son and 
the Holy Spirit. 

3. We believe in the historical human Christ and in 
His divine resurrection as the one way for sinful 
man to receive forgiveness, through a personal 
acceptance of Christ's death, and by this acceptance 
to enter into fellowship with God. 

We have many plans in progress. We have a retreat 
planned for September. There will be mountain climbs, 
dinners and lots of get-together activities. We will have 
weekly meetings with different speakers. This past year 
we have had such topics as "Psychology and Jesus," 
"What can a Volunteer Fireman Do For Jesus?" and 
many such others. You also will be able to join different 
Bible Studies such as New Life in Christ and others for 
personal growth in Christ. 

Our fellowship is set up in the form of committees. They 
are administration, fellowship/worship, evangelism, 
teaching, discipleship and exhortation. All people will 
be encouraged to join a committee and be allowed to be 
as involved as much as he/she desires. 

Mathematical Society 

The Mathematical Society is a newly-formed association 
of students whose interests are in the mathematical field 
or related fields which rely on mathematics. 

The purposes of the society include providing 
information to members on current mathematical topics, 
possible career opportunities, and future graduate 
studies in mathematics. In addition, the Society will 
organize communication and collaboration with 
mathematical associations at other colleges and 
universities, provide colloquiums, seminars and field 
excursions, and encourage the creation of research 
projects concerning significant contemporary problems 
which can be analyzed using mathematics and 

Any student with an interest in mathematics, pure or 
applied, is encouraged to become a member, share 
informal discussions, and help coordinate the policies of 
the Society. 

Medical Technology Club 

The purposes of our association are to provide Medical 
Technology students with an insight into their chosen 
field, to draw all four classes together and to keep 
students on top of the developments concerning Medical 
Technology which occur on campus, in the hospital, and 
elsewhere. We provide you with an insight into your 
field of endeavor by providing activities such as 
workshops on basic laboratory tests and films on 
everything from safety in the laboratory to how to draw 
correctly. Quite often after we have a film, 
op or guest speaker, we have refreshments and 
u,h\ a chance to speak to other students about their past 
experience which proves to be an invaluable tool in the 

The Newman Association is open to any student 
interested in spiritual, cultural and social activities 
sponsored for the college community. The executive 
board is composed of students who wish to share in the 
leadership of the student community. 

Some of the activities of the Newman Association are: 
Freshmen Party, Coffee Houses, and lectures. 

Nursing Honor Society 

The Nursing Honor Society is a new organization on 
campus; as it was established in November, 1976. Its 
members are Junior and Senior Nursing students with a 
cumulative average of 3.2 who show active leadership 
roles both on and off campus. Members are chosen 
through an evaluation by a Selection Committee 
composed of members and Nursing faculty. The goals of 
this organization, which are shared by all the members, 
and to which they strive, are: excellence in professional 
nursing and leadership in all aspects of their lives. The 
local chapter governs itself by an elected executive 
board. Because we believe that one day this chapter will 
be recognized nationally by the National Nursing Honor 
Society, Sigma Theta Tau, the society follows its 
guidelines for bylaws. 

The Nursing Honor Society is an active group, and by no 
means are its activities limited to members alone. 
Informal discussions, formal lectures, and campus 
activities are all open to all faculty and students as well 
as the public in an effort to provide relaxation and/ or 
knowledge to the surrounding community. 

Nursing Student Association 

The Nursing Student Association at Fitchburg State 
College was established with the purpose of providing 
the students with an opportunity to apply and expand 
their educational experiences within the health field. 

Many activities have been held in the past in order to 
provide health education and services for the public, and 
to encourage socialization among the nursing students 
and members of the faculty. Some of these past 
activities have included food and toy drives for the 
needy, screening for lead paint in children, and a 
"Cancer Day" sponsored in conjunction with the 
Amercian Cancer Society, in order to educate students, 
faculty members, and members of the community about 
the prevention and detection of cancer. 

Membership is open to any student attending the 
College, and active participation is urged for maximum 
benefits. Upon payment of minimal dues, each student 
receives a membership card, which is honored at all 
functions sponsored by N.S.A. 

Players Guild 

The Players Guild promotes interest in theater arts 
through varied productions including plays, musicals, 
mime, and dramatic reading. The group produces 
several large productions yearly and has established a 
theater consortium with Bridgewater State College. 

Psychology Club 

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to encourage, 
promote and foster an active interest in the field of 
Psychology among its members and among the student 
body in general. Membership is open to any F.S.C. 

Sociology Club 

The purpose of the Sociology Club of F.S.C. is to 
stimulate and promote the growth of interest in the field 
of Sociology, to forward individual ability by providing 
active involvement in the field, and to offer an 
opportunity for interaction among the faculty, students, 
and community. 

Currently, our membership consists of 60 students. Our 
activities include 6 field trips each year, banquets with 
guest speakers, the annual Sociology Day and various 
community action projects. Recently, we were chosen as 
the steering committee for the student chapter of the 
Mass. Sociological Association. In this capacity, we will 
be attending the Sociological Association in New York 
City this August. Further activities planned for the 
coming year include working with the Student 
Government and other academic organizations to 
promote a more active social base on campus. 

Membership is open to all interested students at 
Fitchburg State. 

Special Education Club 

The Special Education Club offers many opportunities 
for college students to become involved in working with 
exceptional children and adults. As Freshmen, you will 
not be taking any professional courses, therefore, it is 
very important that you keep in mind the opportunities 
the Club can give you. We need volunteers in many 
areas, as well as constant input on what you would like 
to see the Club doing to benefit your experiences. 

Some of the programs that you can participate in are: 
Big Brother/ Big Sister - where you become the Big 
Brother or Sister to a special needs child. There is an 
Exceptional Girl Scout Troop that needs volunteers to 
help the girls with badges, camping trips, and other 
exciting activities. Once a month, there is a dance at the 
Templeton Colony for retarded men, which is a great 
time for all involved (guys included!!). Volunteers are 
also needed to work at a yearly Cerebral Palsy Telethon, 
taking pledges over the phone and raising money. The 
Club itself intends to run many fund-raising activities 
and we need all the help that you have to offer. There 
are Adult Education classes where you can aid in 
teaching social skills. We have a variety of programs to 
offer for anyone who is willing to get involved. 

V.A.C. (Campus Voluntary Action Committee) 

An organization whose purpose is to provide meaningful 
volunteer experiences in the Fitchburg Community 
through local agencies of interest to F.S.C. students. 

Women's Athletic Association 

The purpose of the W.A.A. is to promote interest in all 
women's intramural and intercollegiate sports. The 
group encourages all women students to try out for all 
sports. A welcome party is held in the fall, and 
information on the Association's activities is posted on 
the bulletin board in Parkinson Gym. 

Women's Chorus 

This Chorus is a group of young women, meeting each 
Monday at 4:00 P.M. Directed by Dr. Richard Kent, their 
purpose is to perform at the twice yearly concerts by the 
Music Department, while gaining a valuable background 
in choral works. 

Women's Co-op 

Our goals are to provide friendship and support to 
women on campus and to strengthen channels of 
communication among women. We hope to accomplish 
these goals by involving women of the college 
community in various activities and providing 
information and support to the campus at large. 

Some of our activities will include: on- and off-campus 
lectures, a Women's Coop newsletter, a drop-in place for 
women to share ideas and concerns and films. Input 
from women on campus has in the past and will in the 
future provide us with a large variety of topics. Some of 
these have been: health, sex stereotypes, rape, abortion, 
marriage and the status of women on campus. 

Our organization is set up in steering committees that 
are responsible for events, facilities, resources and 
public relations. We are a cooperative group in that 
each member has an equal amount of responsibility for, 
and input into the group activities. We have many plans 
and expectations for next year and welcome all students 
and faculty to join us in acheiving our goals. 


Cauley Greenhouses 

612 South Street. Fitchburg. MA 01420 

DeBonis the Florist 

66 Klondike Avenue. Fitchburg. MA 01420 

Pierce's Greenhouses 

66 Klondike Avenue. Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Ritter for Flowers 

360 Main Street. Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Tilli's II Flowers 

405 Main Street. Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Vincent's Greenhouses 

3 Alpine Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420 
DeBonis the Florist 

900 Main Street, Fitchburg. MA 01420 


Chalet Susse Motor Lodge 

Commercial Road. Leominster, MA 

Coach House Inn 

Rts. 2A and 13, Lunenburg, MA 

Thunderbird Motor Lodge 

299 Lunenburg Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Holiday Inn 

North Main Street, Leominster, MA 

Quality Inn Westminster 
Rt. 2, Westminster, MA 

Town Crier Motel 

Rt. 2A, Westminster, MA 


Fitchburg - Leominster Sentinel and Enterprise 

808 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 


20C per copy 

Fitchburg State College Rhetoric 

160 Pearl Street, Fitchburg, MA 



Leominster Tribune 

16 Prescott Street, Fitchburg, MA 

•,ht copy 

Montachusett Review 

my Street. Fitchburg. MA 

tree '.'-pies available on campus 


Barone's Pharmacy 

546 Electric Avenue, Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Consumer Value Pharmacy (CVS) 

John Fitch Highway, Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Dempsey's Drug Store, Inc. 

145 Lunenburg Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420 

(They give college students a discount on over the 
counter and prescriptive medications.) 

Freedom Drug of Fitchburg 

Central Plaza, Fitchburg, MA 01420 

Medical Arts Pharmacy 

80 Grove Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420 




Whalom Park Amusement Co. 
Lake Front, Whalom 


Fitchburg Art Museum 

25 Merriam Parkway, Fitchburg 

Bicycle Rentals 

Dandi Rentals, Sales, and Service 

535 Water Street, Fitchburg 

Billiard Parlors 

Recreation Alleys Inc. 

7 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Leominster 


Mason Bowling Center 

640 N. Main Street, Leominster 

Palace Bowling Alleys 

78 Daniels Street, Fitchburg 

Putnam Street Bowling Alley 

14 Putnam Street, Fitchburg 

Recreation Alleys Inc. 

7 Mt. Pleasant Ave.. Leominster 

Movie Houses and Theaters 

Family Theater 

707 Main Street, Fitchburg 

Sack Cinemas 1-2-3-4-5 

Searstown. Leominster 

Tri-Town Drive-In Theater 

3 Youngs Road. Lunenburg 

Whalom Drive-In Theater Inc. 

Electric Ave.. Whalom 

Hi-Tor Summer Playhouse 

Rindge Road, Fitchburg 

Stratton Playhouse 

60 Wallace Ave., Fitchburg 

Scenic Parks 

Coggshall Park 

Mt. Elam Road, Fitchburg 

Leominster State Forest 

Fitchburg Road off Rt. 2. Leominster 

Willard Brook State Forest 
Rt. 119, Townsend 

Crystal Springs Park 

W. Main Street. Boylston 

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation 

Mile Hill Road, Westminster 

Ice Skating 

Orchard Hill Arena 

Townsend Road, Lancaster 

Wallace Civic Center 

John Fitch Highway. Fitchburg 

Roller Skating 

Whalom Park Roller Rink 

Whalom Park, Lunenburg 


Pheasant Run Ski Area 

Exchange Street. Leominster 

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area 

Mile Hill Koad. Westminster 

Watatic Ski Area 

Bennett Road. Ashby 



55 Wallace Ave.. Fitchburg 


1 g 

i c 

< * 

x < 

i. U 

: = 




_. S 

< i 



r— — ' 


* * 

* * 



Altieri's Hillside Cafe 

6 Beech St.. Fitchburg 343-9501 

Bernie's Pasta 

K-Mart Plaza. Leominster 534-9710 

Bonanza Sirloin Pit 

785 N. Main St.. Leominster 537-2277 

Bull Run 

Route 2A. Shirley 1-425-4706 

Burger King 

John Fitch Hwy.. Fitchburg 345-2046 

The Buttercup 

1000 Mass. Ave.. Lunenburg 582-6167 

C & S Pizza 

524 John Fitch Hwy.. Fitchburg 342-3123 

Campus Pizza 

179 Myrtle Ave.. Fitchburg 342-3464 


Electric Ave. (Whalom). Fitchburg 343-9717 

Cathay Island 

Searstown Plaza. Leominster 534-3388 

Chubb's Pier 

John Fitch Hwy.. Fitchburg 345-2083 

Coach House Inn 

Mass. Ave. (Route 2A). Lunenburg 582-9921 

Colonial Pub 

47 Duck Mill Rd.. Fitchburg 

Cottage Lunch 

740 Main St.. Fitchburg 342-1327 

Dan Chan Restaurant 

John Fitch Plaza. Fitchburg 342-3574 

Denny's Restaurant 

Commercial St.. Leominster 534-0311 

Double Dragon 

1293 Main St. (Whalom). N. Leominster 345-6488 

Duk-In Restaurant 

12 Mill st. (off Main St.). Fitchburg 342-8441 

Espresso Pizza 

584 Main St.. Fitchburg 342-5987 

Friendly Ice Cream Stores 
John Fitch Plaza. Fitchburg 343-7965 
Water St.. Fitchburg 342 7)07 
Searstown. Leominster 537-1946 

George's Hot Dog Stand 

200 Summer St.. Fitchburg 342-6787 

Holiday Inn Restaurant 

I'.". ■/. ■»/ 12 I..',,,, in, t'T 5.'17-1661 

House of Tacoa 

21 Lunenburg St.. Fitchburg 345-7409 


Small. Italian Place 

Wide Menu Selection 

Specials Wednesday Night 

Great Roast Beef. Entertainment. 
Moderate Prices 

Charbroiled hamburgers 

Pizza. Party Club 

Pizza & Subs 

Pizza & Subs 

Good Seafood & Prices 

Luncheon Specials 

Good Seafood. Fast Service 

Gourmet Menu. Large Selection 

Party Rooms 

Good Food. Daily Specials 

Chinese Food. Luncheon Specials, 
Serves til 1:45 AM 

Open All Night 

Chinese & Polynesian Specialties 

Luncheon Specials 

Super Large Pizzas 

Best Hot Dogs in Town 

Varied Menu. Busy 

Mexican and American Food 

W 7 

to 3 


> 2 g ^ 

(t) H H g co 

., x i-i e w 

% 3 9 3 § I 

5 § S o £ S 

« o o co w Q 

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* ■*' 


* M 

* * 

* <f 

* * 

* * * 


Name and Address 

Howard Johnson's Restaurant 

Rts. 2 & 12. Leominster 534-9838 

Howdy Burgers 

140 Water St., Fitchburg 345-1243 

King's Corner 

1290 Main St. (Whalom). Fitchburg 343-9498 

Kentucky Fried Chicken 

845 Water St.. Fitchburg 345-1747 

Marty's Lunch and Pizza 

27 Bemis rd.. Fitchburg 343-9729 


John Fitch Hwy„ Fitchburg 343-9618 

Mohawk Club 

Rt. 2A. Shirley 1-425-4319 

Monty's Garden 

35 Central St., Leominster 534-9744 

Old Mill 

Rt. 2A. Westminster 

Oyster Bar, Ye Olde 

21 Prichard St.. Fitchburg 342-2407 

Pal Joey's Lounge 

1123 South St.. Fitchburg 342-2245 

Peter Pan Restaurant 

John Fitch Hwy.. Fitchburg 343-6371 

Pewter Pot 

Searstown, Leominster 534-9878 

Plaza Coffe shop 
Parkhill Plaza. Fitchburg 

Portico Steak House 

Rt. 12. Leominster 537-1116 

Rendezvous Restaurant 

100 Franklin Rd. (Parkhill I'laza). 

Fitchburg 343-9624 

Rusty Scupper 

Rt. 2A. Acton 1-263-8327 


246 Mill St (Searstown). Leominster 534-6076 


K-Mart Plaza. Fitchburg 3450132 

Slattory's Inc. 

Lunenburg St, Fitchburg 342-8880 

Moron Square Diner 

Moran Sq.. Main St.. Fitchburg 343-9549 

Murnlk s 

Main St.. Fitchburg 343-3832 

1 - Utilitarian. 2 - Good. 3 - Above A 


Varied Menu. Fast Service 






f- z; 

2 < 
« to 

3 ? 

u pq 

5 5 

Q H 


Excellent Food. Luncheon Specials 

Chicken & Sandwiches 

Great Pizza & Spaghetti 
Serves til Midnight 


Party Place 

Italian and American Food 

Great Atmosphere. Wide Menu. 
Buffets. Luncheon Specials. 
Party Rooms Available 

Moderate Prices, Pizza. Sandwiches. 
Really Nice Pub 

Party Place 

Luncheon Specials 

Breakfast & Luncheon Specials 
Great Muffins 

Good Breakfast Place 

Steak. Seafood. Salad Bar 
Good Pi 

Groat Surroundings. Good Sorvlce 

Groat Atmosphoro. Good Food. 

Good Seafood 

Chinese & Polynesian Specialties 

Popular College Bar. 

Great Sandwiches & Desserts. 

Lunch & Dinner Spi 

Breakfast Specials. Open S AM2AM 

Oood Food & Pastry. Varied Menu 
4 Plush Thrsr ratings >re only thr pergonal opinions of the Hnnclhnnk Committer 




































































































Fenwick Society 



The Adelphian Society was founded in 1949. The club 
was formed for the purpose of uniting girls of similar 
interests and objectives in a cohesive organization 
whose purposes are twofold: one, to further the 
development of the individual member by supplying 
beneficial activities; and two, to develop the individual 
to be an active and influential part of the College. 

In the Fall, the Society sponsors a formal dance for its 
members. It also takes an active part in a wide range of 
sports activities, among other social and cultural 

Membership is open to second semester freshmen, 
sophomores, juniors, and seniors and is limited to fifty. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, the 
only national fraternity on campus. APO is guided by 
the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. 
Aside from social activities, APO has several traditional 
service projects every year. They include: The Hillside 
School for Boys, Big Screw Contest, and the Book 
Exchange. APO's motto is, "Be a friend, be a leader, be 
of service." 

Epsllon Pi Tau - Epsilon Chapter 

Epsilon Pi Tau is the international honorary 
professional fraternity in industrial arts and industrial 
vocational education. It was founded in 1928 at Ohio 
State University to promote communication between 
leaders of the profession so that the profession would 
continue to grow and progress. It is based on three 
precepts, to esteem the function of skill in industrial arts 
and industrial vocational education, to promote social 
and professional efficiency, and to foster and reward 

The Epsilon Chapter located at Fitchburg State College 
was founded in 1932. Apprenticeship in the organization 
is open to any industrial arts or industrial technology 
junior or senior who possesses a cumulative average of 
2.7, and industrial arts average of 3.0, and passes a vote 
of confidence by the student and faculty members. 

Esoteric Society 

The objectives of the Esoteric Society are: 

a. to foster greater brotherhood among its members; 

b. to develop men of strong character who will accept 
the professional responsibilities of leadership in 
the college, community, and life in general; 

c. to participate in intramural sports and other social 
organizations on this campus: 

d. to propogate a feeling of fellowship toward the 
members of social organizations on this campus; 

e. to create a more cosmopolitan attitude toward the 
administration, faculty, and the students of this 

The Fenwick Society, the youngest fraternal 
organization on campus, was founded in 1966 by a group 
of individuals with the following objectives in mind: 

a. to promote social unity among social clubs and 
student body; 

b. to create better relations between students and 
faculty, clubs and administration; 

c. to better the public image of our school and social 

d. to bring more social activities on the campus; 

e. to meet the needs of a growing student body; 

f. to increase the academic standing of the society's 

g. to promote healthy athletic competition. 

Membership is open to all male students of the college 
who uphold the values and ideals for which the society 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

The sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma are members of a 
national service sorority, the only national sorority on 
campus. The main objective of the sorority is to unite 
women interested in service, social activities, and other 
collegiate functions. Our motto is "unity, friendship, 
and service." 

There are many activities throughout the year, including 
Spring and Fall formals, sorority activities, and get- 
togethers with our brother fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega. 
Some of our service activities last semester included a 
rock-a-thon for Muscular Dystrophy, working at the 
blood bank, and holding an aluminum drive. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma is open to all second-semester 
freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and senior girls. 


The Gavaleer Society is the oldest fraternal organization 
on campus. It was founded in 1921. Membership in the 
Society is open to any Sophomore, Junior or Senior male 
student who meets the standards of the fraternal 

The Gavaleer Society was organized with the intention 
of supplying college social activities which would 
enrich the experiences of its members. The Society 
provides the springboard from which the members may 
eject themselves toward broader horizons. 


Originally known as the Berkshire Club, the Mohawks 
were conceived in 1924 as an athletic club. Charted by 
the college in 1927. we are looking forward to our 54th 
year in existence and our 51st as an "on campus club." 
The Mohawk Club remains as one of the more hallowed 
clubs on campus. 

Mohawks are traditionally dedicated to unity in order to 
achieve high goals of: leadership and brotherhood; 
organization and execution of social activities; 
promotion of varsity sports and participation in 
intramural sports; and to foster improvements in 
professional, social and academic endeavors in and out of 
the college community. 

Some of the club's activities throughout the year are the 
Annual Soccer Rally. College Roller Skating Party. 
lighting the campus Christmas tree. Toys for Joy 
program for underprivileged children, annual Talent 
Night for Newman Center Scholarship Fund, the 
Freshman Stag and donating blood to the American Red 


The Neasyloo Sooiety, the youngest Social Club of 
Fitohburt: State, was founded in 1968. The main 
objective of this club is to unite all women interested in 
community service, social activities, sportsmanship, and 
other collegiate functions. 

Among the various activities included are: Spring and 
Fall formals, intramural sports and fund-raising 
projects. Membership is open to all second-semester 
Freshmen. Sophomore. Junior and Senior women with 
similar interests and ideals. 

Philodemic Society 

The Philodemic Society is the oldest women's social 
group on campus. Founded in 1948. the aims of the 
group are to develop greater school spirit through the 
active participation in work, sports, and all social 
affairs, as well as to cooperate with civic welfare 

Membership is open to all second-semester freshman, 
sophomore, junior, and senior girls. 


Fitchburg State College's telephone number is 
(617) 345-2151. When calling from a campus phone 
(3-digits) just dial the 3-digit number. When calling 
from off-campus or from a pay phone, dial the 7-digit 
college number and ask for the desired office or 

Emergency Numbers 

Assistance (on campus) 

345-2151 (off campus) 

Campus Police Ill, 0, or any residence hall desk 

Fitchburg Police 345-4355 

Fitchburg Fire Department 343-4801 

Burbank Hospital 345-431 1 

Leominster Memorial Hospital 537-4811 

Residence Hall Telephone Directory 

Aubuchon Hall 

Main Desk 160 

3rd Floor ..--. 343-9890 

4th Floor 343-9860 

5th Floor 343-9853 

6th Floor 343-9425 

7th Floor 343-9458 

8th Floor 343-9531 

9th Floor 343-9862 

10th Floor 343-9415 

11th Floor 343-9765 

Herlihy Hall 

Main Desk 158 

1st Floor 345-0734, 343-9764 

2nd Floor 343-9533 

3rd Floor 343-9773 

Russell Towers 

Main Desk 159 

A4 - (4) 343-9733 

A5 - (5 & 6) 343-9800 

A7 - (6 & 7) 343-9850 

A9 - (8 & 9) 343-9867 

B4 - (3 & 4) 343-9564 

B5 - (5 & 6) 343-9584 

B7 - (7) 343-9645 

B8 - (8 & 9) 343-9855 

C3 - (2 & 3) 343-9421 

C4 - (4 & 5) 343-9483 

C6 - (6, 7, & 8) 343-9479 

Departmental Telephone Directory 

Academic Dean 

Condike Science Building, Room 231 133 

Admissions Office 

Sanders Administration Building 128, 129 

Alumni Office 

Hammond Building, Room 216 343-3817 

Art Faculty 

Conlon Building, 3rd Floor 193 

Assistant to the President 

Sanders Administration Building 114 

Associate Dean of Graduate Education 

Thompson Hall 218 

Associate Dean of Students 

Sanders Administration Building 125 

Aubuchon Hall 

North Street 160 

Behavioral Sciences Department 

Percival Hall, 1st Floor 176, 177 

Biology Department 

Condike Science Building, 1st Floor 179 


Sanders Administration Building 120 


Hammond Building, Ground Floor 152 


Sanders Administration Building 1 17 

Business Administration Department 

Miller Hall 149 

Business Office 

Sanders Administration Building 119 

Campus Center (Information Desk) 

Hammond Building 132 

Campus Center Cafeteria 

Hammond Building 343-7394 

Campus Police 

51 Pearl Street 111 

Career Planning and Placement Center 

Edgerly Building 130 

Central Massachusetts League 

Edgerly Building 153 

Chemistry Department 

Condike Science Building, 2nd Floor 180 

Communications Media Department 

Hammond Buildine. 3rd Floor 185 

Data Processing 

Hammond Building, 3rd Floor 143 

Dean of Administration 

Sanders Administration Building 115 

Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education 

Thompson Hall 141. 142 

Dean of Students 

Sanders Administration Building 123, 124 

Dean of Undergraduate Studies 

Condike Science Building. Room 2.31 164 

Director of Campus Center 

Hammond Building 132 

Director of Continuing Education 

Thompson Hall. 1st Floor 139, 140 

Director of Housing 

Aubuchon Hall 170 

Director of Information Services and Alumni Relations 

Sanders Administration Building 219 

Director of Personnel Relations 

Sanders Administration Building 135 

Director of Professional Experiences 

Edgerly Hall 169 

Director of Research, Planning & Development 

Sanders Administration Building 134 

Early Childhood, Elementary & Secondary Education Departments 

McKay School 162 

English Department 

Miller Hall, 2nd Floor 189 

Faculty Lounge 

Miller Hall 187 

Financial Aid Office 

Sanders Administration Building 131 

Fitchburg State College Education Association 

Thompson Hall. 2nd Floor 220 

Geography Department 

Edgerly Hall. Ground Floor 190 

Health Service 

Miller Hall 161 

Herlihy Hall 

North Street 158 

Holmes Dining Commons 

North Street 157 

Humanities Department 

Conlon Hall. 2nd Floor 193 

Industrial Arts Department 
Conlon Building 

1st Floor 165 

2nd Floor 166 

3rd Floor 184 

Instructional Media Department 

Conlon Building. 3rd Floor 186, 216 

Janitors' Room 

Sanders Administration Building 148, 150 

Language Faculty 

Conlon Building 193 

Learning Resource Center 

Hammond Building, 3rd Floor 185 


Hammond Building 

1st Floor - Librarian 137 

1st Floor - Reference 138 

2nd Floor - Periodicals I 67 

4th Floor Stacks 168 

Maintenance Department 

■ er Plant I 47 

Massachusetts Film & Media Cooperative 

Hammond Building 215 

Mathematics Department 

Miller Hall, 3rd Floor 191 

McKay Campus School 

Rindge Road 172, 173, 174 

Miller Hall 

Lobby 187 

Music Faculty 

Conlon Building , 1st Floor 217 

Nursing Department 

Thompson Hall, 3rd Floor 182 

A.V. Lab 163 


Sanders Administration Building 136 

Percival Hall 

254 Highland Avenue 

1st Floor 176, 177 

2nd Floor 178 

Philosophy (Humanities) 

Conlon Building, 2nd Floor 193 

Physical Education Department 

Parkinson Gymnasium 183 

Physics Department 

Condike Science Building, 3rd Floor 181 

Post Office 

Hammond Building 154 

Power Plant 

North Street 146 


Sanders Administration Building 112 

Psychology Department 

Percival Hall 

1st Floor 176, 177 

2nd Floor 178 


Sanders Administration Building 122 

Receiving Department 

Herlihy Hall 156 


Sanders Administration Building 126, 127 


Edgerly Hall 221 

Russell Towers 

North Street 159 

Social Sciences Department 

Miller Hall, 3rd Floor 194 

Sociology (Behavioral Sciences) Department 

Percival Hall 

1st Floor 176, 177 

2nd Floor 178 

Special Education Department 

McKay Campus School 175 

Student Government Association 

Hammond Building 214* 

Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds 

Power Plant 145 

Veterans Agent 

Miller Hall 151. 343-4744 

k m 

Fitchburg Sla' j'ntains ils policy ol non-discrimination and 

affirmative action in fulfillment of Ihe requirements of Executive Order 
11246 and 11375 ' IX and > fights Act of 1964 

On 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and 

Fitchburg/ Leominster Street Railway Co. 

1427 Water Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Hanslin Travel Service 

725 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Mccarty's Limousine Service 

694 Mechanic St., Leominster, 

Roux Travel Agency 

353 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 

Trailways Bus Systems 

221 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 





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